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Would you like to welcome more Chinese tourists to your business or destination?

Australia welcomed more than 1,340,000 Chinese visitors in the year to October 2017. 

As a market of increasingly experienced travellers, many are moving beyond package tours and now exploring Australia as 'free and independent' travellers (FIT). They're seeking new, immersive experiences and are venturing beyond our major metropolitan cities and their traditional destinations like the Great Barrier Reef and Great Ocean Road. 

For many operators and destinations alike, we know the question is 'how do I engage with this new Chinese visitor'?

Amplify Me's Australia China Tourism Connections team is experienced in travel and tourism consulting, providing guidance on tailoring products and services, distribution channels, marketing, media and social media, and delivering China Readiness programmes and cross cultural training.

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Let our experienced team help you better understand, welcome and attract the growing Chinese market through creating the right experiences, marketing content and materials across the entire travel life cycle.