Maximise the Chinese Inbound Market


With a record 1,200,000 visitors last year and a record spend of $8.9 billion, China is Australia's second largest source of international visitors and quickly becoming our most important. The retail and travel industries simply cannot afford not to be 'China ready'. We need to improve the ‘visitor experience’ of those who come to our shores.


While the Chinese are not only our highest spending inbound market, and also our fastest growing, our programs look beyond the numbers. Our training and workshops address the fact that Chinese consumers differ in expectations, and provide insights into the latest news from this rapidly changing source market.


Did you know?

  • In In 2016, Australia welcomed over 1,200,000 Chinese visitors, making China our second largest source market behind New Zealand?

  • The Chinese market is not only our highest spending market with an average spend of $7,036 per person, but also our fastest growing, with average annual growth of approximately 14% per year?

  • Chinese consumers born in the 1980s, 90s and 2000s have completely different outlooks and spending habits to those born in the 70s or 60s due to their upbringing?

  • China has seen tremendous change since the beginning of its period of ‘opening and reform’ in 1978. With this change, its citizens have become increasingly individualistic and expecting of service and products.


Built on 15 years travel and tourism experience, a longstanding relationship with China and backed by research, we offer training and consulting programs to help destinations, tourism operators and conference providers ready themselves for this important market, with guidance on tailoring products and services, distribution channels, marketing, media and social media.


Talk to us about holding a tailored seminar or workshop for your team, through to our full day training and individual consulting package options.




Aware of the need to tailor your product and marketing for the Chinese market, but not sure where to start? Our consulting packages may just be the answer, providing guidance on tailoring your products and services, packaging, distribution channels and marketing though consultations, in-depth site visits and market development strategies.

Training and Skills

Training and Skills


China a particularly complex country culturally, with significant regional, economic, demographic and linguistic differences, so it’s important not to treat it as one homogenous market. Our training programs delve into these cultural complexities to help you and your team provide the most appropriate products and services possible.

Inbound Chinese Events

Inbound Chinese Events 


Inbound Chinese visitors are coming to Australia not only for leisure and education purposes, but also for meetings, incentives, conferences and events.


Working in conjunction with Australian Conference Experts, we help Australian venue operators better prepare for and market to Chinese businesses seeking to hold MICE functions in Australia.